Me, collecting bacteria in the city, 2013

Me, collecting bacteria in the city, 2013

For me, design is a powerful tool to confront the public with critical issues. As an ever-learning designer, in my work I explore and communicate future worlds we head towards—whether realistic, utopian or dystopian—in order to raise awareness on today’s actions and their long-term effects.


After growing up in the Austrian Alps in a traditional blacksmith family, I have moved in the capital of my region to start a five-year high school with a curriculum concentrated on industrial design and engineering. I successfully graduated with solid skills in implementation and presentation of objects, and continued my studies this time for extending my design thinking towards systems and interactions at the University of applied Arts Vienna. The university provided me with a supportive environment to follow my passion over this period. There, I also had the privilege to be supervised by Fiona Raby, and my design view has been mostly substantialized back then.


This course not only encouraged me to develop conceptual ideas while dealing with our complex world, but also allowed me to become proficient in tools and tactics for questioning systems which vary from technology to politics. Such complex domains could only be investigated with an informed approach. Multidisciplinary collaborations and partnerships with various experts from scientists to activists helped me to find a right balance between design and fiction in my studies. In parallel with developing of ideas, I reflected these ideas into three dimensional objects, visual media and/or direct actions, and therefore, I have gained a wide-ranging know-how in communicating my work. 

Over the past few years I had various chances to display my work in different events and galleries. My works were exhibited, among others, at the Shanghai Biennale titled “Things That Move” in 2014, at the Design Week Milan under “Future of Health” section in 2015, and concurrently at two different spaces titled “How will we work?” and “Design for agency” under the Biennale Vienna in 2017. 


If you are interested in a collaboration or you want to get in touch with me please write me an e-mail!